Contributors & editors

  • Jackpic
    Jack Duffy
    Jack Duffy is a financial journalist who has worked for The New York Times and Bloomberg News, and was most recently Paris Bureau Chief for Market News International.
  • Headshot 2
    Paul Conley
    Paul Conley decided to enter journalism at the age of six. Too young to be hired as a paperboy, he convinced a neighborhood teenager to subcontract his route. Since then, Conley has continued to rewrite the rules of the content world as a reporter, editor, bureau chief, producer and executive at companies such as CNN, Primedia Business, Bloomberg, CFO Publishing and Knight-Ridder Financial. Today he works in both journalism and content marketing in New York City.
  • Mcclayheadshot
    Rebecca McClay
    Rebecca McClay is a Washington D.C.-based financial writer and editor focusing on stock market news and analysis. She is regularly published in outlets such as TheStreet, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, The Wall Street Journal and Kiplinger. Rebecca has a master's degree in business journalism.
  • Dan weil picture
    Dan Weil
    Dan Weil is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in The New York Times , The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, Institutional Investor and Tennis magazine.
  • Claire heffron photo
    Claire Heffron
    Claire Heffron is a British journalist. Her areas of expertise include finance, technology and politics in China, Russia, South Africa, Australia as well as, more recently, Turkey. She has previously written for a variety of international news outlets including: Reuters, ASEAN Today and Xinhua.
  • Myphoto
    Kevin Dobbs
    Kevin Dobbs is a senior writer for S&P Global Market Intelligence, where he covers the banking system, markets and macroeconomic trends. He previously was a national reporter for American Banker, for which he covered the large U.S. banking companies. Prior to that he was an enterprise reporter for the Des Moines Register.
  • Dsc 0224
    Robert Williams
    Robert Williams is a business journalist in Paris. Hailing from Gloucester, Virginia, Robert has written for the Financial Times and Le Monde and holds Masters degrees in journalism and international development from Sciences Po Paris.
  • Dsc 1376 2
    Craig Adeyanju
    Craig Adeyanju enjoys to unearth awesome growth and value stocks and educate investors about the companies behind them. He believes that the best companies to invest in are those that genuinely solve a problem. His work has appeared on sites like TheStreet, The Motley Fool, Benzinga among others.
  • Adamsmithphoto
    Adam Smith
    Adam Smith is a freelance writer who has worked on staff at the Boston Herald for several years as a copy editor. He has also written for the financial news service and other outlets.
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